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Minisymposia at EMI 2018 Conference: Computational Methods and Applications for Solid and Structural Mechanics

We are co-hosting the mini-symposium “Computational Methods and Applications for Solid and Structural Mechanics” at the EMI 2018 Conference at MIT.

Abstracts are sought that are relevant to the following topics:

The aim of this MS is to provide a forum for discussing the novel computational methods and applications that pertain to solid and structural mechanics problems. This MS seeks to bring together students, academicians, and professionals working on computational solid and structural mechanics. In particular, contributions on the following topics are of significant interest: (a) novel discretization techniques for modeling cracks and discontinuities (e.g., XFEM/GFEM, meshless methods, discrete elements, cohesive elements, peridynamics and others), (b) reliable computational damage mechanics formulations (e.g., nonlocal methods, gradient methods, other regularization techniques); (c) multiscale modeling and methods for heterogeneous materials including composites, concrete, wood, and others; (d) computational methods for modeling inelastic material behavior (creep, fatigue, plasticity, etc.); (e) multiscale modeling and methods for structural mechanics problems; (f) modeling of multiphysics phenomena (e.g., environment induced material degradation, coupling between mechanics and electromagnetic effects, mechanics and transport phenomena, coupling between mechanics and chemistry, and others). This MS is sponsored by the EMI Computational Mechanics Committee.

Further information can be found on the conference website. Deadline for abstract submission is January 31, 2018.