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Postdocs and Research Associates

  1. Wadi Imseeh: Research Associate II, 2020-2021. Topic: Crystal plasticity finite element modeling. Background: PhD in Civil Engineering with Geotechnical concentration, University of Tennessee, 2020. LinkedIn profile.

Doctoral Students

  1. Amirfarzad Behnam: PhD Dissertation: Variational Multiscale Discontinuous Galerkin Interface Method for High-Performance Homogenization and Uncertainty Quantification of Microstructures: December 2023. LinkedIn profile.
  2. Sunday Aduloju: PhD Dissertation: Stabilized Variational Interface Formulation for Dynamic Damage and Microscale Modeling: Methods Development and Applications: December 2019. LinkedIn profile.
  3. Ran Ma: PhD Dissertation: Modeling the Processing and Micromechanical Degradation of Polycrystalline Materials using a Multiscale Crystal Plasticity Framework. Graduated: December 2018. LinkedIn profile.
  4. Omar Nassif: PhD Dissertation: Microstructural-Based Modeling Framework for High Temperature Behavior of Ferritic-Martensitic Steels Using Crystal Plasticity and Grain Boundary Finite Element Approaches. Graduated: May 2019. LinkedIn profile.

Masters Students

  1. Elina Geut: MS Thesis Topic: Modeling Stress Distribution within Structural Materials Through Multi-Resolution Discontinuous Galerkin Method. Graduated: May 2020. LinkedIn profile.
  2. Wesley Hicks: MS Thesis Topic: Modeling of Debonding and Crack Propagation in Fibrous Composites Using a Discontinuous Galerkin Approach. Graduated: May 2015. LinkedIn profile.
  3. Russell Hollman: MS Thesis Topic: Mixed-Mode Dynamic Crack Propagation using the Discontinuous Galerkin Method. Graduated: May 2017. LinkedIn profile.

Undergraduate Research Assistants

  1. Cameron Snook, 2014. Research Topic: Translation of crystal plasticity subroutines from FORTRAN to MATLAB; numerical studies on Variational Multiscale stabilized elasto-dynamics formulation.
  2. Russell Hollman, 2015. Research Topic: Dynamic debonding modeling with Discontinuous Galerkin method.
  3. Jack Rymer, 2018. Research Topic: Polycrystalline microstructure generation; representative volume element statistical sensitivity.
  4. Francis Nunez, 2019. Research Topic: Finite element mesh format transitions to optimize representation of fatigue cracks.
  5. Haley Pelham, 2020. Research Topic: Calibration and sensitivity of material parameters for crystal plasticity creep model.
  6. Ahmed Elnasri, 2020. Calibration of crystal plasticity model for AA5083 and halite using Dakota software
  7. Ethan McCutcheon, 2020-2021. Uncertainty quantification of creep in Grade 91; revising microstructure generation workflows
  8. Kevin Schnadelbach, 2021. Developing manual for microstructure generation workflow