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Welcome to the homepage for theĀ Computational Laboratory for the Mechanics of Interfaces! Our research is concentrated on the computational modeling of interfaces in materials and structures. The mechanics of interfaces plays a large role in the behavior of materials, such as the bonding surfaces between constituents of composite materials, the roughness of contacting surfaces in bolted joints, and the fracture process zone in brittle or ductile materials. Therefore, we focus on developing inherently stable and robust numerical methods for tracking these evolving interfacial mechanisms, such as sliding, debonding, and crack propagation.

Research Areas

  1. Computational methods for interfaces and heterogeneous materials
  2. Delamination of fibrous composite materials
  3. Modeling high temperature creep in metals using crystal plasticity
  4. Crystallographic texture effects on thermal and mechanical response
  5. Contact and friction between metallic surfaces
  6. High performance computing